The BMW 7 Series has been leading the way when it comes to luxury BMW’s ever since it was launched way back in 1977. Available as a sedan or limousine, the flagship model has always been a platform for BMW to demonstrate both their latest technologies and the true nature of luxury travel. In October 2015, BMW unleashed this, the newest BMW to wear the illustrious 7 Series name badge.

Whilst the exterior has remained true to the previous iteration, the new 7 Series has taken the previous design and evolves into a subtly new vehicle. The signature kidney grille has become more prominent and features slats that are open when the engine needs air but can then close in order to make the car more aerodynamic. Sitting either side of the large kidney grille are two large LED light units that can be fitted with the laser high beam that can also be found on the i8.

The revolutionary i Range can be felt throughout due to the technology and future techniques that have been utilised all the way to the car’s core. Transferring lessons learned through the development of the i cars, BMW have implemented the ‘Carbon Core’ to create a body that is both strong and light. Allowing 40kg weight loss off the 7 Series, the largely aluminium body contains large reinforcing elements of carbon fibre in its structure, for example: the sills, posts, roof rails and centre tunnel.

Accompanying a total weight loss figure of over 130kg is a range of new engines that all feature a boost in power and performance. For starters, the 730d and 740i both use entirely new straight-six engines; the diesel variant benefitting from a smoother drive whilst still going from 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds and delivering excellent miles per gallon figures – 31mpg highway driving and 23mpg city driving. If it’s more power that you desire, then there is also a twin-turbo V8 variant in the form of the 750Li xDrive. Pushing 450bhp through all four wheels, the 750Li will get from 0-62mph in just over 4 seconds and creates a subtle yet dramatic V8 symphony.

A redesign can also be felt throughout the interior of the car. The familiar and spacious interior is a sea of high quality materials that have been manufactured with the highest care and attention. Sitting neatly on the centre console, next to the gear selector, is the familiar control knob for the brilliant iDrive system – a system that has been restyled and updated for use in the 7 Series. Accompanying the iDrive as a control method is a high resolution monitor in the centre of the car; this is now a touch screen unit that allows the driver to easily zoom, scroll and access functions. A high resolution touchscreen has also been used for the climate control panel, combined with the soft ambient lighting, this extra touchscreen further adds to the futuristic feel inside the cabin.

As previously mentioned, the 7 Series is a hive of impressive new technologies, the first of these can be found when accessing the iDrive system. Joining the aforementioned iDrive knob and touchscreen as control methods, BMW’s new ‘Gesture Control’ system has been introduced for the first time; this clever new system allows iDrive to be controlled through hand gestures, for example: a circular motion with one finger will turn the sound system up or down.

Possibly one of the most prominent changes in technology on the 7 Series is the astonishing new key that has been developed to go with the car. Unlike any other standard key, the key to a 7 Series features a small touchscreen that can display to the driver all sorts of information whilst they aren’t even near the vehicle. The key turned touchscreen remote control, is also a means to possibly the most surprising piece of technology on the car – remote control parking. Using the touchscreen on the key, the 7 Series gives you the ability to move the car in and out of the tightest spots with the touch of a button whilst not even being in the vehicle.

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