Andrew Hailing Parts Manager of Sytner Olbury read of Olive’s story and although he has never met her or her family he has been so touched and inspired by her that he is determined to help raise funds for her when he runs in the London Marathon on 24th April – Andy said “After reading Olives’s story It touched me and my wife you only have to look at your own children and think how lucky you are. Although there are large charity organisations out there who do a fantastic job raising money to see money raised by Sytner Oldbury going to an individual makes me feel proud. To be able to do something for a family you have never met which will have a huge impact on their family life, I am honoured and I’m sure this will get me around the 26.2 miles on Sunday.”

The whole team are keen to help support Andy raise funds for this great cause and for the local Neo Natal unit who have helped so many families and desperately need our support. On Friday the 22nd Andrew has agreed to strip off in the showroom and have a full Sports Massage to prepare him for his ordeal and the team have not only agreed to sponsor his run and his massage, they have also agreed to have massages throughout the day to raise extra funds and the massages are being provided free of Charge by Laura Asplin a highly respected and qualified Physiotherapist from Coventry.

Olive’s story:

Olive has a condition called Rare genetic SCN1A Epilepsy (Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy) Olive is on a ketogenic medical diet, prepared & weighed by her parents. She can't eat anything else and no sugar at all. This affects daily activities for her (no parties or cafes). Her seizure triggers are challenging; illness, warm & cold weather, over-stimulation (no bouncy castles) and crowds (parks, playgrounds). She copes with her challenges amazingly, she is a total inspiration. She cares about others and enjoys playing ‘Doctors’ to look after friends. She enjoys singing (loudly), ballet dancing and practicing roly-polys. She is chatty, very sociable and full of love and kindness. Our aim is to raise £2,000 to purchase a Pulse Guard Prime System and help the local Neo Natal unit locally that do such great work This equipment would make an enormous difference to the family's quality of life. She would be able to sleep in her own room, have a better quality, safer sleep without being woken by parents checking and video monitor lights and noises. This would mean safety and independence and a better sleep for her and the rest of the family. The equipment would improve her physical health, independence and her confidence and self-esteem.

Just visit if you feel you would like to help her and the great work also that that the Neo Natal team do also too.