The BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition.

The BMW i8 revolutionises its vehicle class. As the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car. The strength of the plug-in hybrid lies, among other factors, in the perfect synchronisation of electric motor and combustion engine, which makes itself apparent in maximum efficiency and dynamics on the road.

The Protonic Dark Silver Edition is an unparalleled design icon. The limited edition exterior paintwork emphasises the unmistakable sports-car genes of the BMW i8 and awakens a yearning for racy journeys full of tight bends.

This Dark Silver Edition embodies unbeatable sportiness and futuristic aesthetics. The Protonic Dark Silver paintwork underlines the wide and extremely low-slung front. With specific highlights in Frozen Grey metallic on the BMW i typical kidney grille and at the rear, the BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition catches the eye in every situation.

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