ALPINA Car of the Month.

Introducing our ALPINA of the Month from Sytner Coventry...

.Now available at Sytner Coventry is ALPINA GB’s specially commissioned D3 Touring. This was a bespoke order built to showcase the best of ALPINA’s exclusive craftsmanship and world-beating engineering to the discerning motorist and cement the outstanding praise the D3 has received the past year.

One of only five in this colour combination, it is presented in ALPINA Blue; a metallic shade dark enough to become the timeless class and elegance of the ALPINA, while being light enough to showcase the exquisitely sharp yet shapely swage lines that mark the D3 out among the best proportioned estates currently available. Notably, the colour is unique to ALPINA, with BMW having banned it from use on any of its regular cars. ALPINA specific details include the full side stripe deco-set (easily removed to taste), quad Akropovic exhaust tips that emit a refined yet purposeful burble, and a fully wind tunnel developed ALPINA aero-kit, comprising front chin spoiler, rear diffuser and a discreet roof mounted spoiler. Combining form and function to aid safety and fuel efficiency, lift is reduced by 70 percent at the front and 40 percent at the rear. The exterior is completed by 20” ALPINA Classic light alloy wheels shod in Michelin Pilot Supersport tyres. These aren’t run-flats and as such provide significant advantages in ride comfort, turn in and noise levels compared the standard fit BMW items.

The interior is among the most sumptuously appointed of any D3 Touring in the UK, boasting not only tactile yet durable Oyster Dakota hide on the eminently supportive and heated seats and door panels, but a full Oyster lower dash. These elements combine to create an airy and accessible yet sophisticated and bespoke ambience in which to pass time and miles. Further ALPINA enhancements to the interior include a unique numbered build plaque adoring the centre console, signature blue dials and headrests embossed by the Saddlery at Buchloe with trademark ALPINA rhombs in signature green and blue. Similarly, the green and blue hand stitching on the wheel reminds the driver he is piloting something very different from the norm.

The D3’s real showpiece however is the thoroughness of its engineering. ALPINA’s engineering team of 70 developed the D3 over two years, using a combination of existing BMW parts where suitable and developing their own when not. The brakes for example, utilise Brembo callipers and a pad compound specially developed by ALPINA to combine optimum feel and stopping power from cold. The engine features two ALPINA-specific twin-scroll turbochargers that work in parallel, while the intake was optimised for high, unrestricted induction rates. To cope with the extra heat generated and the stresses of running for a tank of fuel at a time at 170+ mph, the cooling package was significantly uprated and now boasts a dedicated oil cooler, secondary radiator and 30 percent larger primary radiator, in addition to an innovative intercooler arrangement. ALPINA specific engine management software complements and optimises these changes, with the uprated torque converter and solenoids in the eight speed gearbox ensuring progress is smooth, effortless and reliable. ALPINA have re-engineered the adaptive suspension with D3-specific spring rates and Bilstein dampers, calibrated for an extra-cossetting ride in Comfort and even sharper handling in Sport. All modes however are superbly resolved and lend the D3 the long distance comfort of a luxury limousine combined with a deftness of handling usually associated with Italian exotica.

The D3 appeals to the head as well as the heart, easily managing over 40mpg (officially 52.3), emits just 139g/km of CO2, while strong residuals make for a very attractive total cost of ownership. Not bad for a spacious estate that will accelerate to 62mph in 4.6 seconds and exceed 170mph…

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact Sytner Coventry on 024 7660 0600.