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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We are passionate about customer service

We survey every customer to ensure we are meeting our customers’ needs and use this feedback to guide the on-going training and development of our dealership teams.

We ask five simple questions:

  1. Did we make you feel welcome?
  2. Did we treat you fairly?
  3. Did we fully understand your requirements?
  4. Did you enjoy dealing with us?
  5. Do you intend on using our services again?

During the last three months the Sytner team have scored a 96% positive response to these questions.

We look forward to offering you a warm welcome to one of our dealerships very soon, so you may be interested to read the latest feedback we received when we asked our customers:

Did we make you feel welcome?

We show all positive and negative comments, excluding (very rarely!) comments which are personal or potentially offensive.

(To see the most recent feedback for a specific dealership, please click here and select your preferred manufacturer.)

MINI - Sytner MINI (Leicester) 25 August 2014

Very much so...from the reception all the way through to my Sales Executive andher colleagues.


SEAT - Huddersfield SEAT 06 August 2014

Stuart was very good


BMW - Sytner BMW (High Wycombe) 26 August 2014

All of the staff were very friendly and quick to check that I was being looked after.


Bentley - Bentley (Birmingham) 14 August 2014

Very friendly & helpful


SMART - Smart of Bristol 22 August 2014

The person I saw in the service reception area was efficient and friendly


LAMBORGHINI - Lamborghini Birmingham 13 August 2014

Although in the past the cars have let me down, the staff never have. From sales, to service, to mechanics, ALL great


Audi - Wakefield Audi 26 August 2014

Unlike the majority of premium car dealerships who treat you like you are something the cat dragged in, I felt very welcome at Wakefield.


Honda - Redhill Honda 22 August 2014

Always get a very helpful welcome from all on reception


VOLKSWAGEN - Huddersfield Volkswagen 26 August 2014

the greeting was very pleasant. But when I sat down in front of the service rep. He made me feel as through he did not have my booking as he did not talk to me for at least 3 minutes not even to introduce himself.


Rolls-Royce - Sytner Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 18 July 2014

always a warm welcome and a friendly approach by all the staff


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