Exclusive Offer for Ferrari Clients

The Pilota Ferrari course

The Pilota Ferrari course, exclusively available to customers, provides the opportunity to attend various and successive course levels, offering content which is increasingly technical and complex, delivered at the perfect pace, to be tackled using the experience, sensitivity and driving technique acquired in previous courses.

Pilota Ferrari Sport Course

A two-day course at Ferrari's own Fiorano circuit, with accommodation at the nearby 4-star Hotel Una. Under the instruction of experienced Ferrari drivers, you'll learn how to achieve precise driving lines through bends and braking and acceleration techniques, with thrilling car control exercises that include power oversteer.

Price €7,461 + VAT

Dates: 14/15 April, 11/12 May, 1/2 June, 2/3 July, 30/31 July, 1/2 September, 17/18 September, 5/6 October, 29/30 October, 3/4 November

Pilota Ferrari Advanced Course

The two-day Advanced course is reserved for customers who have already completed the Sport Course. It takes place at the Varano de Melegari circuit, with 5-star accommodation at the Grand Hotel de la Ville in Parma. You course will include onboard data acquisition systems and telemetry analysis, track driving with a pace car, vehicle control at the limit and the opportunity to start driving the 458 Speciale.

Price €9,913 + VAT

Dates: 25/26 May, 23/24 June, 8/9 July, 28/29 September, 14/15 October, 9/10 November

Pilota Ferrari Evolution Course

A tailored and personalised course based at Fiorano for drivers who have completed the Advanced course. With 12 instructors to 16 participants, you'll be individually coached and enjoy the benefits of continuous telemetry analysis of track times and chronometric analysis to optimise your overall performance. You will experience the 458 Challenge car on this course to ready you for your final course.

Price €15,688 + VAT

Dates: 20/21 July, 12/13 September

Pilota Ferrari Challenge

The final stage in a driver's journey to Ferrari race driver. Based at Varano, it features intensive use of the 458 Challenge cars with preparation for race conditions such as starting and overtaking. At the end of the course participants can sit the Italian National Sports Federation test to participate in Ferrari Challenge races.

Price €15,246 + VAT

Dates: 14/15 July, 23/24 September

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