Esperienza is a dedicated track program that introduces people to the Lamborghini world. It is a tried and tested driving program, designed especially to highlight the performance, power and control that Lamborghini has to offer as well as to allow participants to improve their driving technique.

The day is focused on testing the vehicle’s limits, as well as yours. Guests from Lamborghini Birmingham had the chance to travel to Imola in October to take part in Esperienza, where they learned how to manoeuvre, cornering techniques, controlling loss of traction and sharpening reaction times, all from behind the wheel of our Lamborghinis.

Following a well-earned gourmet lunch in the luxurious Lamborghini Lounge, they had opportunity to put all of their newfound skills together during a full-track lapping session. The intense driving program, Lamborghini factory-trained instructors, quality driving time and unparalleled hospitality have made this driving program unlike any other in the industry. It was fantastic event and enjoyed by the guests.

The Esperienza is designed for those new to the Lamborghini brand so if you are interested yourself or if you have a friend that you’ve wanted to bring into the world of Lamborghini this is the perfect introduction to the brand, the people and the cars. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALERSHIP FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION.