The Lexus LS

A high quality luxury saloon car designed for smooth, high quality driving

A luxury saloon fashioned by the Lexus 'Takumi' masters, the new LS delivers a supreme level of driving comfort and enjoyment. Benefiting from the very highest levels of car craftsmanship, the Lexus LS is a stunningly beautiful car that will deliver in all aspects of modern motoring.

Exterior design features

Class-leading aerodynamic excellence in the Lexus LS is provided by the near-flat underbody and F1 inspired winglets on the front door pillar. The winglets act to create air vortices that will pull the airstream inward towards the car, so the LS moves seamlessly through the air, enhancing acceleration, fuel efficiency and handling.

Interior design features

Once inside the Lexus LS you will be rewarded with unrivalled levels of refinement wherever you look. Fully-adjustable seats include lumbar massage functions and the Climate Concierge acts to monitor and adjust the temperatures using infrared sensors to track passengers' body temperatures. Exclusive Lexus nanoe® technology will also moisturise your hair and skin while you travel.

A steering wheel and dashboard that involve 67 manufacturing steps and 38 days of work provide a genuinely special sense of luxury. You can choose from five leather upholstery options to personalise the LS to suit your style, and a Mark Levinson® surround system gives you high quality audio at all times.


A highly impressive 4.6-litre V8 petrol engine powers the LS 460 model, while the breathtaking 5.0-litre V8 engine in the LS 600h L version will provide you with access to the most powerful full-hybrid saloon in the world. A 0-60mph time of 6.1 seconds highlights the impressive power capabilities of the 439bhp engine and, with the Power Control Unit from Lexus, energy management is optimised to increase fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

All-wheel drive acts to give drivers a complete connection with the car and, aided by the lightweight aluminium multi-link air suspension, pneumatic shock absorbers ensure smooth handling and a comfortable ride.

Safety and technology

As you would expect from a premium Lexus car, the safety features of the LS are of the highest quality, to help you avoid collisions and protect you if an accident should occur. The Advanced Pre-Crash Safety system is the most cutting-edge available, helping you to steer clear of danger using the Lane Keeping Assist and Driver Monitoring system to keep you safe on the road.

The Adaptive High Beam System will use a light-sensing camera to detect oncoming cars, automatically adjusting the lights so they don't dazzle other drivers, leaving you free to concentrate on driving. Adaptive Cruise Control will make motorway driving stress-free by employing a millimetre-wave radar system, detecting if the car ahead slows and adjusting your speed accordingly.

Finance Options

Whether you want the security and low interest rates of a Hire Purchase deal, the short-term affordability of a Personal Contract Purchase plan or the independence of a Contact Hire or leasing package, our vehicle finance experts will be able to provide you with a deal appropriate to your requirements and budget - regardless of whether you a private customer, a company car driver or a major fleet operator.

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