Lexus Leicester Unleash their Inner Wolf

This year the team at Lexus Leicester took on the mentally and physically challenging Wolf Run. The Wolf Run is a 10k obstacle course designed to push your body to its limit. 

A unique combination of three kinds of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs. It’s a hard-core 10k run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud.

So why would anyone put themselves through this?

The event was in aid of the Nystagmus Network, a charity which funds research into the cause of the condition, finding a cure, raising awareness and supports families affected by sight loss.

Nystagmus is a complex condition which causes involuntary eye movements which can seriously reduce vision.

It affects around 1 in 1,500 people and there is currently no known cure, making the simplest tasks difficult to undertake.

The cause is close to the hearts of those at Lexus Leicester as Workshop Controller; Tom Abbott’s son was diagnosed with the condition at only 9 weeks old in July 2015.

The team set themselves the target of raising £500. However, they more than doubled this and reached a grand total of £1,145 !

The team including, Richard Rhodes, Ted Eglinton, Tom Herbert, Charley Aldwinckle, Daisy Hickling, Rebecca Patrick, Edward Lakin, Josh Coley, Josh Moore, Rob Hardwick and Ken Styman all agreed how tough the challenge was.

However the overwhelming sense of achievement felt having completed it made it worthwhile for such a worthy cause.

The team would like to thank everyone who donated and supported team Lexus Leicester.