Stay safe this Winter with our affordable Winter Tyre prices

When the temperature drops below 7 °C, the tread compound in normal tyres begins to harden - reducing grip on the road and increasing stopping distances. Lexus Winter Tyres use a special rubber compound combined with expert tread design to combat this and provide a safer alternative.

  • CT range from £400 to £575
  • IS range from £400 to £685
  • GS range £650
  • NX range £675
  • LS range £875
  • RX range from £700 to £770

All three of our Sytner owned Lexus sites offer a Complimentary Winter Check worth £59 when you buy new Winter Tyres

Winter Weather Tyres have an improved stopping distance of 8m when braking on snowy roads from 30mph to rest and an improved stopping distance of 11m when braking on icy roads from 20mph to rest.

Our Winter check includes:

  • Windscreen Wiper Check
  • Fluid Level Check

  • Anti-Freeze check
  • Put clocks back and hour (if not already done)

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