McLaren 570S

McLaren 570S

The McLaren 570S

Breathtaking performance, carbon fibre construction, twin-turbocharged V8, hand-crafted luxury

Its dramatic, futuristic design is as eye-catching as it is functional. The distinctive nose of the Sports Series is inspired by McLaren Formula 1™ race cars, shrink-wrapped dihedral doors are intricately contoured to channel cool air to the engine bay, and 'flying buttress' rear pillars create an athletic silhouette while increasing downforce for reassuring handling.

Inside, the luxurious cabin features hand-crafted leather, a Bowers & Wilkins stereo system, excellent visibility and exceptionally comfortable adjustable sports seats. An intuitive seven-inch central touchscreen infotainment system includes satellite navigation, Bluetooth audio streaming, WiFi tethering and voice activation as standard specification.

The McLaren designed 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine with amazing performance, incredible response and outstanding refinement is the beating heart of the Sports Series. Positioned behind the driver and sending power to the rear wheels alone to offer the same impeccable agility as our racing cars, this powerful engine is complemented by a state-of-the-art seamless-shift gearbox for ultra-fast, ultra-smooth gearshifts.

The Devil In The Details

Painstaking attention to detail, racing expertise, McLaren P1™ inspired design… explore the distinctive innovations key to the Sports Series.

The performance-focused 570S further accentuates the striking design and aerodynamic performance of the Sports Series, with a distinctive Sport Aero Pack and front splitter finished in premium Dark Palladium, complemented by unique 19-inch front and 20-inch rear lightweight forged alloy wheels. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) offers further scope for individualisation, including carbon fibre exterior parts, unique paint finishes and bespoke alloy wheel finishes.

Flying Rear Buttresses

The teardrop-shaped cockpit of the Sports Series culminates in a pair of flying buttresses, linking the roof to the car’s flowing rear deck to provide an incredibly athletic silhouette. The striking design also directs cooling air to the powerful 3.8-litre turbocharged V8 engine, and increases rear downforce by 8kg for confidence-inspiring handling and additional agility.

Unique-In-Class Dihedral Doors

Dihedral doors are a signature McLaren feature and swing open to make entering and leaving the Sports Series as effortless as possible. Shrink-wrapped and delicately contoured in lightweight aluminium, the unique-in-class doors extend all the way to the front wheel arches, and help to channel cool air to elegant wing-like air intakes integrated into the rear fenders.

Supercar-Inspired Rear Styling

Inspired by the McLaren P1™ supercar, slimline light blade LED tail lamps highlight an expanse of open mesh for enhanced engine cooling and a technical, futuristic appearance. The advanced mid-mounted engine is also clearly visible beneath the lightweight mesh, while an aggressive 'floating' diffuser enhances downforce for sure-footed handling.

Designed Around You

Designed around the perfect driving position, the state-of-the-art interior of the Sports Series features luxurious leather hides, advanced touchscreen technology and exceptional versatility.

The premium cabin of the Sports Series is designed around the driver for ultimate luxury and best-in-class user-friendliness. An elegant, uncluttered interior architecture features a 'floating' centre console, seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and optimised visibility for a light, airy feel.

Only the finest hand-stitched leather hides are selected for the Sports Series models, while satin-chrome highlights accentuate flowing, organic curves.

Housed under the sweep of the instrument binnacle, an advanced new TFT instrument display offers crisp LCD graphics configured in line with adaptive driving modes. The McLaren Track Telemetry (MMT) App allows analysis of lap times on a Pure McLaren track day.

No other sports car offers such an intoxicating combination of sophistication and race-bred technology.

Breathtaking Performance

From its lightweight carbon fibre chassis to its state-of-the-art powertrain, the 570S is built to perform like no other sports car.

Accelerate from standstill and the McLaren 570S will reach 100kph (62mph) in just 3.2 seconds, get to 200kmh (124mph) in a staggering 9.5 seconds and go on to an incredible 204mph. But it's the way the Sports Series makes you feel as it delivers those figures that's so crucial, the way it immerses you in the experience, connects you to the road and engages your senses so completely.

Race derived technology and lightweight engineering is the key. An advanced carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis is the core of Sports Series, while a 3.8-litre V8 engine sends up to 570PS (562bhp) to the rear wheels for race car agility. Adaptive suspension, a paddleshift gearbox and even our unique Brake Steer system – outlawed from Formula 1™, such was its advantage – create even more driver engagement.

434 PS

The No rival can compete with the incredible power-to-weight ratio of the 570S - 434PS per tonne.

204 MPH

The performance of the 570S breaks through the 200mph barrier.

6.3 Seconds

No other sports car accelerates from 0-100mph as fast as the 570S.

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