The MINI Paceman

Pace, space and grace.

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MINI Cooper

Starting from £19,115

The MINI Cooper Paceman has it's own set of rules. The sloping roofline and elongated doors set this crossover coupé apart from the rest and make a confident, stylish statement.

The MINI Cooper Slide into the driver's seat and enjoy the maximum view over road traffic thanks to the elevated seating position. With speeds of 0-60mpg in 10.3 seconds.

MINI Cooper D

Starting from £20,345

The MINI Cooper D Paceman has the kind of raw magnetism that pulls before you know it. It's so handsome, but it's also got a backbone and being equipped with a 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine plus turbocharger, the MINI Cooper D Paceman gives you stronger, more confident legs on the road. That means more pull, more power and more excitement.

MINI Cooper S

Starting from £22,485

Think about how your MINI Cooper S Paceman could look as it appears in the rear-view mirror of the person driving in front of you. Low to the ground, big black hexagonal air intake, wide-set headlights and extra intakes for the brakes. As you pass by, they'll be more than envious that it's not them in the drivers seat!
Get behind the Sports Leather Steering Wheel you'll feel the tight lumbar support of the Sport Seat and with speeds of 0-60mph in 7.4 seconds you'll never want to get back out.

MINI Cooper SD

Starting from £23,205

The MINI Cooper SD Paceman lets the design speak for itself and it's clear there's no messing with this MINI. Specific to the Paceman models, the Lounge Rear Seats create two individual seats in the back, offering back-seat drivers the same level of comfort as you enjoy in the front.

The MINI Cooper SD Paceman is causes a stir wherever it goes, without even trying.


MINI ALL-4 Paceman

Cooper ALL-4 starting from £20,315

4-wheel drive isn't just for conquering mountains. It's comes in handy just as much in the city as it offers supreme traction and highly reliable grip. It is quick to react to any changes in pace or sudden loss of grip and will keep you safely on track to your destination. The ALL-4 all-wheel drive system is available on the MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper D and MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper SD Paceman.

MINI Accessories

Choose from a range of Genuine MINI Accessories and you can make your car almost as individual as you are!

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With MINI tlc your MINI has the luxury of going all-inclusive, with all your servicing requirements fully covered for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first. All-inclusive cover is valid for MINIs registered from 1 March 2014 so whether your MINI needs a new part or a brake fluid change, you can relax in holiday mode knowing that your comprehensive servicing needs are covered.

Benefits include:

  • Fixed cost/inflation-proof servicing
  • Full service history stamped by a MINI Service
  • A fully transferable package which may enhance the resale value of your MINI
  • Genuine MINI Parts fitted by MINI Approved Technicians
  • Peace of mind that we will help you through your first 3 MOTs, if needed

MINI tlc is available to purchase for £349 to £399 only when purchased within 60 days of registration of your new MINI. For further information, contact your local MINI Dealer or MINI Service Authorised Workshop.

MINI Finance

MINI Financial Services offers you a choice of finance agreements that can be tailored to you, plus each MINI Centre will have a clued-up Business Manager specialist on hand to help tailor a bespoke deal to match your lifestyle.

  • MINI Select = Keeping your options open. Our Personal Contract Purchase product, is our most popular car finance product for new and Cherished MINIs.We defer a portion of your MINI's value to the very end of your finance agreement, which becomes your optional final payment. This final payment is your MINI's Estimated Future Value and it's based on what we think your MINI will be worth when your finance ends.
  • MINI Hire Purchase = Owning it bit by bit. If you're interested in owning a new or Cherished MINI at the end of your finance agreement with fixed regular payments and no mileage restrictions, MINI Hire Purchase could be for you.
  • MINI Contract Hire = Care free driving. If you like the idea of hiring a new MINI rather than ultimately owning it, MINI Contract Hire could be the ideal solution for you. With this product you get all the thrills of driving a new MINI, minus the hassle of depreciation, or having to re-sell it. MINI Contract Hire is a popular choice with our business customers because VAT registered businesses can reclaim up to 50% of the VAT on their rentals.

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