MINI Cooper and MINI Convertible win at the 2016 Auto Express Awards

Auto Express named the MINI Cooper and MINI Convertible as top of their class within their respective categories at the highly regarded 2016 Auto Express Awards.

The MINI Cooper was named 2016 Auto Express Premium Small Car of the Year and the MINI Convertible was crowned 2016 Auto Express Convertible of the Year.

Premium Small Car of the Year

The MINI once again sets the standard in the premium small car class, scooping the Premium Small Car of the Year award for the third year in a row.

It’s the compelling blend of style, quality, customisation and driving fun that gives the MINI the edge over the competition. This is particularly true of the current third-generation car, which has brought new levels of refinement, sophistication and technology to the already tempting package.

Yet while the MINI has moved with the times, at its core it’s as fun-loving as the original. Every MINI is infused with the same eager personality that encourages you to drive just for the hell of it. With its compact dimensions, agile handling and beautifully weighted controls, the car makes you look forward to every corner.

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2016 Auto Express Convertible of the Year

The new MINI Convertible proves you don’t need masses of power to have fun behind the wheel. By removing the fixed roof from the MINI hatch and replacing it with a folding fabric top, it adds a whole extra dimension to the driving experience.

The Convertible is over 100kg heavier than the regular MINI due to the added chassis strengthening, but that’s resulted in a solid car that doesn’t fidget or wobble like other small convertibles.

The MINI also makes a great cruiser, so you can enjoy longer top-down journeys, with features like heated seats and a weather forecast function improving comfort when the roof is down.

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