The Volvo XC70

Travel anywhere you like with confidence, the XC70 has the strength to take on any driving situation.

Capabilities beyond the conventional - the all-new Volvo XC70.

A comfortable and luxurious appearance has been combined with top-class flexibility and an expressive design, making the XC70 just as elegant in a urban environment as in the wilderness or half-way up a mountain.

The Volvo XC70 offers a number of loading solutions. The rear seat is split into three parts - 40/20/40, providing two very comfortable rear seats with a convenient armrest in between. The luggage compartment has aluminium rails and movable anchorage points. The anchorage points can be tucked down into the rails when not in use. The built-in anchorage eyelets in the side panels keep luggage securely in place. In addition, the side panels can be equipped with multifunctional rails, making it possible to attach hooks, load-anchoring nets and cargo space dividers among other loading accessories. The power-operated tailgate (option) can be opened with a push of the remote control and is great for loading when you have your hands full with the weekly shopping.

With an elevated feel in the comfortable, luxurious interior, the XC 70's functional versatility and the AWD (All Wheel Drive) and capacity, the all new XC70 is the perfect tool for thrilling activities.