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Tollbar Volvo Warwick Proud of Leamington Khalsa FC promotion!

Leamington Khalsa FC

Tollbar Volvo Warwick has sponsored Leamington Khalsa FC for the last four years and are very proud that their Saturday team, only put together this 2011/12 season, have already been told they will be promoted. 

As the season has not yet ended they have the opportunity to be promoted up to Division 3, jumping Division 4 completely.  This however will depend on how the team performs for the rest of the season. 

The promotion has come early as the team has showed their potential, and excelled in the Coventry Alliance Division 5.  Khalsa FC are determined to progress in the same manner for the coming seasons and everyone here at Tollbar Volvo Warwick are certain they can do so. 

A huge well done to the team for securing promotion, and here’s to continued success for the remainder of the season.  

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