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Sam, the Labrador... Another Happy Volvo customer!

Sam and owner Mr Johnson

When it comes to purchasing the right car you take many things into consideration and new research has found that getting the right type of vehicle is of paramount importance for dog owners.

It is no surprise that owners bear their pets in mind when choosing what type of car to buy. More than two-thirds said within the survey that having adequate space in the boot area was one of the main criteria they used when deciding on a new vehicle.

Estate cars were found to be the most popular – they are the choice of a third of dog owners , followed by hatchbacks and 4x4s.

This was exactly the case recently when a valued Tollbar Volvo customer Mr Johnson brought his beautiful black labrador in to approve his choice of a new Volvo V70!

As you can see Sam is perfectly comfortable in the back with plenty of room and settled down straight away with his new choice of transportation

Sam sitting comfortably in his new V70

Read more about the research here


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