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Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for Sytner Group

Sytner Group has once again achieved third position in the ‘25 Best Big Companies to Work For’ 2011 guide; The Sunday Times’ annual assessment of employee engagement.

Gerard Nieuwenhuys, Group Managing Director said:  “This is the second year running we have finished 3rd – a fantastic achievement for all of us.  In fact we are the only big company to have finished in the Top Ten for the last four years.”

Read on below for the full story of Sytner Group’s fantastic accolade:

Positively driven to succeed...

HEATHER MURRAY APPLIED for a job with prestige car retailer Sytner after meeting an employee who raved about what a great company it was to work for. Since joining five years ago as a purchase ledger assistant in Edinburgh, Murray has been promoted to the position of accountant at the firm's Porsche centre in Glasgow.

“It has been absolutely brilliant,” says the 30-year-old, who describes learning to drive a Porsche as part of the job as one of the best experiences of her life. Murray, who usually drives her white Audi company car, which she loves, is the one doing the recommending.
“It’s a fantastic group to work for,” she says. Sytner believes that business success depends upon nurturing employees and treating them well so they are firing on all cylinders in the accounts department, the workshop and the showroom. Staff, who get an average of £1,000 spent on them on training, believe they can make a valuable contribution to the success of the firm and a difference in it, returning top positive scores of 83% and 80%. They go out of their way to provide a great service to customers (90%) and are proud to work for the group (81%).

Sytner ranks third among the best big companies for the second consecutive year. Consistency is at the heart of its success, from its regular appearance in the top six of our big list, to its aim to be famous for delighting customers, staff and shareholders, which has been its mission for almost two decades.

It appears to be delivering the goods on all counts with 2010 expected to be another year of record profits.
“What has been achieved at this company has been achieved by the collective effort of 5,000 people,” says Gerard Nieuwenhuys, group managing director, who joined as a sales manager at the company’s first Nottingham dealership 20 years ago. Workers think the firm is run on strong principles (77%), and have a great deal of faith in their boss (76%), who inspires them (70%).

The Sunday Times 24 Best Big Companies to Work For 2011

“We set very high standards for everything we do, whether that is housekeeping, integrity or business performance across all areas of responsibility,” says Nieuwenhuys.

Those high standards can be clearly seen in the immaculate high-spec showrooms of Sytner’s Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati dealerships in Edinburgh, where cars are displayed like pieces of art. Sytner recently invested £40,000 in upgrading the canteen and toilets at its centre in the Scottish capital.

The firm’s commitments are displayed in the training room and canteen. “We live and breathe them,” says Garry Bagley, managing director of Sytner’s operation north of the border. When a member of staff said clean cars were getting dirty when they were driven over a pothole on the site, Bagley ensured it was tarred over.
“It is small things like that that make a difference,” he says.
Senior managers truly live the values of the firm (73%), line managers talk honestly and openly (78%) and staff are completely clear about what is expected of them (81%, a result bettered by just one other firm on the list).

“The business controls Sytner put in make you feel very confident,” says Porsche executive Ross Hutchison, who, like many others, feels he has as positive future in the organisation (75%). “From a career perspective it is fantastic. I could not be working for a better company.”

Staff turn around is low, as are stress levels (81%), and workers wouldn’t leave tomorrow even if they were offered a job elsewhere (73%).

(Source: The Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to Work for. March 2011)

Sytner Group HR Team with Sunday Times Best Company Award 2011

Proud members of Sytner Group’s Human Resources team.

Left to right: Richard Caseby, Sunday Times Managing Editor. Leanne Alder, Divisional HR Manager Daimler Chrysler. Liz Hellewell, Divisional HR Manager Lexus/Toyota. Sue Sansome, Group Training and Development Manager. Lorraine Deeley, Divisional HR Manager BMW/MINI. Melvin Rogers, Sytner Group Director of Human Resources. 

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