Rapide S

The Power of Luxury

Possessing an illustrious and successful heritage of creating the world’s greatest GT cars, only could Aston Martin create a truly distinguished four-door sports car. Demonstrating supreme refinement, sensational performance and timeless beauty, Rapide S is a uniquely compelling machine.

With the offer of bespoke design through Aston Martin’s ‘Q by Aston Martin’ service, Rapide S is capable of presenting a bespoke luxury experience that entirely matches with the owners personality, whilst also offering all of the performance that one would expect from an Aston Martin.​


Showcasing distinct Aston Martin design language, iconic features such as the bold grille and signature side strakes are easily found on the exterior of the Rapide S. Accompanying these iconic features, however, are clean lines, sleek proportions and flawless surfaces that present an aesthetic that is supremely elegant.

Stepping into the cabin of Rapide S, driver and passengers are welcomed to an interior where handcrafted luxury and exceptional comfort dominate. Possessing substantial space for four adults and luggage, the cabin of Rapide S demonstrates a level of sporting luxury that has been seldom seen before.

Despite being a car capable of 200mph, Rapide S retains a level of flexibility and composure that would usually not be associated with such speeds. Painstakingly tuning Rapide S’ cabin to perfection, Aston Martin’s engineers and designers have managed to ensure that sounds such as wind noise and road noise have been kept to an absolute minimum; subsequently created a relaxing environment for the driver and passengers in every situation.

Those seeking to reach levels of ultimate luxury can take advantage of the aforementioned Aston Martin personalisation service – ‘Q by Aston Martin’. Working closely with the individual customer, the Q service offers limitless colours and materials to ensure that each Rapide S can be tailored to exact taste, ultimately creating an entirely bespoke vehicle.


Effortlessly combining the beautiful aesthetics and decadent luxury with performance, Rapide S is powered by Aston Martin’s legendary naturally-aspirated 6.0-litre V12 engine. A beating heart that produces 560PS and 630nm of torque, this engine sits low within the chassis and benefits from developments and technology that have come directly from Aston Martin’s successful campaign in the World Endurance Championship. 

Allowing access to the superb powerplant’s abilities, the Rapide S utilises Aston Martin’s Touchtronic III eight-speed automatic transmission. Offering near-seamless gear changes of just 130 milliseconds, this transaxle gearbox has been carefully designed to increase efficiency and consequently increase the amount of power and torque that can be transmitted to the road at any one time. 

Displaying characteristics that are more akin to a pure sports car than a luxurious four-seater, drivers who wish for a sportier drive can exploit Rapide S’ multiple gearbox modes and innovative ‘Adaptive Drive Recognition’ (ADR) technology to tailor the car’s performance to the exact style of the driver. 

Strengthening Rapide S’ sporting abilities even further, Aston Martin’s advanced Adaptive Damping System (ADS) has been implemented. Offering three different settings – Normal, Sport and Track – this damping system adjusts depending on mode to offer the driver an experience that ranges from luxurious GT car in Normal mode to thoroughbred sports car in Sport and Track mode.


As with all Aston Martin’s, state-of-the-art technology plays a key role in ensuring that Rapide S always delivers the most luxurious experience possible. As such, Rapide S features Aston Martin’s instinctive AMi III infotainment system to allow driver and passengers total access to the car’s various different features.

Viewed on a high resolution 6.5-inch screen that is housed within the beautiful central waterfall fascia, AMi III seamlessly places control over the car’s crisp audio, Bluetooth hands-free telephony and vehicle status technologies – such as real time torque and power information – at the driver’s fingertips.

Ensuring that the interior of Rapide S feels truly special, this fantastic infotainment system is teamed with only the very best materials that are meticulously crafted by hand. Whilst all Aston Martin’s are renowned for their exquisite materials, Rapide S uses more leather than any other Aston Martin in history to guarantee an entirely exceptional experience.


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New Aston Martin Rapide S The Power of Luxury