Vanquish S Volante

The ultimate Super GT Volante

When in Coupe guise, Vanquish S sits as the flagship of Aston Martin’s range wearing the title of ‘ultimate Super GT’. Placed alongside its hard top sibling, Vanquish S Volante takes everything that makes Vanquish S the ultimate Aston Martin and then adds all of the thrills of open top motoring. 

Building upon the sensational Vanquish Volante that predates it, Vanquish S Volante is sharper, more potent and more luxurious – a car that is truly worthy of the flagship title ‘ultimate Super GT Volante’.


Vanquish Volante S demonstrates design that is Aston Martin in its purest form. Maintaining a familiar strong silhouette, Vanquish Volante S gains additional muscle and aerodynamic efficiency through a revised front splitter and a more aggressive rear diffuser. Designed of bare carbon fibre, this aerodynamic package further increases the car’s already superb handling characteristics.

Retaining the entirely carbon fibre body of the coupe, Vanquish Volante S loses none of the sporting prowess of its coupe sibling despite its capability of top down thrills. Meticulously designed by aerodynamic performance, Vanquish Volante S manages to maintain the same high-speed stability, low drag characteristics and sharp cornering ability as a coupe even with the roof down. 

Those who wish to make their Vanquish Volante S a little more bespoke will revel in the plethora of options that are available. Enhancing exterior aesthetics, owners can customise their car with such options as new carbon fibre bonnet louvres, stunning new wheel options and new graphics packs that are designed to accentuate and compliment the car’s exquisite lines.


As with the Vanquish S Coupe, painstaking attention has been paid to the engine and chassis in order to further hone the intense thrills on offer. The effect of the aforementioned tweaking is a 6.0-litre V12 heart that now produces 600ps (up from 573ps) and offers increased throttle response thanks to a freer-breathing intake system and subsequently increased airflow into the engine at high revs.

Aston Martin’s sublime 8-speed Touchtronic III transmission has once again been utilised – much like the engine and chassis, this to features revisions and further calibration. Now even more refined, the even faster transmission grants Vanquish S Volante the ability to reach 62mph from a standstill in just 3.5 seconds and a top speed of over 200mph.

The way in which Vanquish S Volante handles has also been further perfected thanks to meticulous tweaks to the suspension, dampers, spring rates and anti-roll bar bushes. The result of this thorough fine-tuning is a car truly deserving of the title – the ultimate Super GT Volante. Unlike many convertibles, Vanquish S Volante loses none of the sporting traits of its hard top equivalent


Stepping into the cabin of Vanquish S Volante, occupants enter a world of both theatre and luxury. Incomparable materials and the magnificent handcrafted quality that is synonymous with Aston Martin is combined with the pleasure of open top driving to ultimately create a convertible that is unlike anything else in the world.

Featuring Alcantara as standard, a plethora of interior options are available to ensure that all owners of Vanquish S Volante can create a car that is bespoke to them. As well as a range of all-new materials and finishes, Vanquish S Volante customers will be able to specify glorious materials such as new ‘Filograph’ quilted leather or sumptuous Bridge of Weir Caithness leather.

Offering control over Vanquish S Volante’s entertainment and upgraded Satellite navigation system, Vanquish S Volante is fitted with Aston Martin’s intuitive AMi III infotainment system. Easy to navigate and clear to view, the system brings command over beautifully crisp Bang & Olufsen audio, Bluetooth hands-free technology and vehicle status information.


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