Meet the Team - Part 1

Teddy and Becky

Centre Hosts

Teddy and Becky are the first people you will meet at Aston Martin Nottingham, whether you phone us or decide to visit us in person. Our Host’s take pride in ensuring all our visitors are provided with the highest level of customer service….. and they also make the best cappuccino in Nottingham!

Here’s what Teddy and Becky had to say:

What’s your favourite Aston Martin?

The DBS Superleggera, because it looks fierce, vivacious and fabulous!

What’s your favourite part of working for Aston Martin Nottingham?

We love to work in a friendly environment such as ours. We are fortunate to have a lovely team and a wide variety of interesting customers.

What has been your favourite event with Aston Martin Nottingham so far?

DBS Launch of course! It's our favourite car and the food was fantastic on the night!

What do you believe is the most important part of providing “the Aston Martin Experience?”

In order to be provide the best level of customer service, we strongly believe in giving each customer a warm and friendly service. We aim to provide a personal and relaxed approach, which makes visitors want to come back to our dealership. Attention to detail is also key, to make the Aston Martin experience unique.

Watch this space for Part 2!