Race-Inspired Vantage AMR launches new Aston Martin Sub-Brand​

The name ‘Vantage’ was first used by Aston Martin back in 1951 when they wanted to distinguish the then current model, DB2, from its high performance variants. Ever since then, the name has been synonymous with extreme power, unrivalled performance and a successful racing career. With that in mind, it seems only right that the first in Aston Martin’s new performance range should be a Vantage. 

Named Vantage AMR, this race-inspired model is the first production derivative of Aston Martin’s new ‘AMR’ breed. Celebrating the sporting heritage and success of the brand, AMR takes direct inspiration from Aston Martin Racing to deliver racing car performance to the road.

The new AMR range is split into two distinct model lines: limited edition production models, like the Vantage AMR, sit as the entry level vehicles whilst extensively modified AMR Pro models that have been created by Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations sit at the top – the first AMR Pro model was actually shown at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in the form of Vantage AMR Pro, a strictly limited track-only Vantage that directly shared parts with the GT3 racing car.

Set to be limited to just 300 cars, Aston Martin are offering the first of their production models - Vantage AMR - with both a 430bhp V8 heart (limited to 200 cars) and a V12 that has been increased from 565bhp to 595bhp (limited to 100 cars). Both versions have been made available with the choice of either an automated sequential manual paddle-shift transmission or a six and seven-speed manual gearbox.

In terms of aesthetics, Vantage AMR has been made available in four stunning colour schemes that each feature a contrasting highlight colour: Stratus White with an Orange graphic, Ultramarine Black with a Blue graphic, Zaffre Blue with a Red graphic and Scintilla Silver with a Grey graphic. Demonstrating Vantage AMR’s Aston Martin Racing inspiration even further, there’s also the option of a ‘Halo Pack’ colour scheme that features Stirling Green paint and Lime Green accents; echoing the colour scheme of Aston Martin Racing’s 2016 World Endurance Championship-winning #95 Vantage GTE.

Each of the beautiful exterior colour schemes have been matched with an interior scheme that best compliments the exterior whilst also highlighting the craftsmanship that has once again been demonstrated by the team at Aston Martin. As standard, Vantage AMR Coupes come with a mixture of leather and Alcantara throughout the cabin and Vantage AMR Roadsters feature an all-leather interior.

In line with the racing car feel of Vantage AMR, there is a suite of carbon fibre options – ranging from a lightweight front grille to mirror caps – that can be specified at the owner’s discretion. For those who wish to personalise their Vantage AMR even further, Aston Martin are offering additional extras from the new AMR Accessories range; the most dramatic of which is an AMR Aero kit that adds extensive aerodynamic features to the car.

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