Aston Martin Unveil Vulcan AMR Pro - the World's Most Extreme Track Car

In 2015, Aston Martin unveiled their astonishing track-only supercar – Vulcan. Featuring over 800bhp and a strictly limited model run of just 24 examples, Vulcan was the wildest Aston Martin ever produced. Now however, in 2017, Aston Martin has revealed that they will be launching an even more extreme version of Vulcan that will be named Vulcan AMR Pro.

Making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017, Vulcan AMR Pro is the third car to be announced that sits within Aston Martin’s new sub-brand, Aston Martin AMR. Reaching an entirely new level of excitement, Vulcan AMR Pro receives a performance upgrade package that increases downforce and overall speed; ultimately underlining Vulcan’s status as the world’s most extreme track car.

The first of the enhancements made in the aforementioned performance package concern themselves with the front end of the car. To start, new louvred panels have been added above the front wheel arches to extract high pressure air and reduce aerodynamic lift. Further to this, a sizeable pair of dive planes have been added to each side of the nose to help front end grip and the front splitter has seen the addition of turning vanes to promote improved steering response.

Complementing the front end changes, the rear of the car has also seen dramatic aerodynamic enhancement in the form of a new rear wing. Unlike the single plane wing that the original Vulcan received, Vulcan AMR Pro utilises a dual plane design that features a 20mm upstand on the wing’s trailing edge – named a ‘Gurney flap’ – that maximises downforce. This increased downforce has been further supplemented by additional 15mm Gurneys on slotted wing end plates.

The subsequent effect of all of this aerodynamic development is an increase of 850N at 100mph, taking the previous figure of 3150N to a staggering 4000N – that’s more than Aston Martin Racing’s 2017 Le Mans winning Vantage GTE that featured 3104N. These incredible figures combine with a shift in the car’s Centre of Pressure towards the centre of the car (now 47% compared to 41.5%) to ensure that Vulcan AMR Pro benefits from the highest levels of improvement to traction, steering response and front-end grip.

Talking of Vulcan AMR Pro, Aston Martin Vice President and Chief Special Operations Officer, David King, said:

“When we first conceived the Aston Martin Vulcan it was to create something that expressed Aston Martin’s wilder side. The result was an ultimate track car – one free from the regulations and constraints of World Championship competition. A flight of fantasy, if you like. But one we could share with our keenest customers. Like anything with a motorsport mindset, once we’d built and delivered all 24 Vulcans we started thinking about how to make it quicker. And so the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro was born. The shorter gearing makes for truly explosive acceleration between the corners, while the aero package’s increased downforce and improved balance gives our customers the all-important confidence to explore the extraordinary performance on offer.”

The incredible new Vulcan AMR Pro performance package is on offer to all 24 owners of Vulcan, with the first already being installed by the team at Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations. The first performance packages are expected to be completed in Autumn 2017 and the lucky owners will be welcomed to the same exclusive driving events and training facilities that have always been offered to Vulcan owners.

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