Care and Protection

We understand the importance of caring for your Aston Martin, whether it is being stored or driven. That's why, Aston Martin Nottingham are pleased to offer a range of accessories to assist with the care and protection of your vehicle.

To view the full range of accessories, contact a Aston Martin Nottingham on 0115 9330 450

Outdoor Car Cover

The Premium Outdoor Car Cover material uses a special advanced Nanotechnology formula where particles are woven into the fabric which create a waterproof and fully breathable coating that repels water rather than absorbing it to ensure long term protection and care for your car. The fabric is stronger and stretches, allowing the cover to fit closer to the contours of the car. This range is available in grey without logos and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

£500.41(incl Tax)

​Tyre Cushions

High density foam tyre cushions designed to be used when storing your Aston Martin for any length of time. Designed to reduce flat spots when parked, the cushions mould around the tyre offering added protection. Suitable for all Aston Martin models the cushions are capable of supporting 2.5 tonnes and tyres up to 500mm wide. Branded with the Aston Martin Logo.

£634.28 (incl Tax)


Saddle Leather Floor Mats

Our exclusive Q Accessories saddle leather floor mats are handcrafted by a master saddle maker with over 45 years' experience. Made from premium English lambswool carpet, the mats feature a fine saddle leather edging and backing.

The handcrafting process uses traditional methods for hand stitching, edging and embossing – meticulous techniques which result in each set requiring a total of 35 man hours to complete. The result is a unique product with a distinctly premium and natural look and feel.

Two piece sets are available for Vanquish, Vantage, DB9, DBS and Virage, including driver and front passenger floor mats.

Please contact Aston Martin Nottingham to order this item.