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Why Should you Service your Air Conditioning?

We recommend that you have your air-conditioning serviced regularly to ensure that your air-conditioning system is running at maximum efficiency. If you're going away this summer, now is the ideal time to ensure your Audi's Air conditioning is in full working order. The Audi air conditioning service is only £79 and our Audi Trained Technicians will drain and refill the unit and carry out a detailed inspection, to ensure your air conditioning performs at its best.

Losing a small percentage of its gas each year, your Air-conditioning system can become less able to keep you cool and refreshed.

If it isn't regularly serviced it could eventually fail which means that certain parts would need to be replaced. Regular servicing also protects from bacteria and odours building up.

An air-conditioning service consists of:

Draining and recharging the system

Check hoses, filters, belts and connections

Testing the compressor and condenser

An ultrasonic anti-bacterial and odour treatment

So whether you have lazy summer evening drives, or long haul excursions planned, you can be sure you will be cool and relaxed this summer.

Audi Cam

When work is required we wont just tell you we'll show you.

Audi Cam is a revolutionary way of showing you what work needs to be carried out on your car.

Now you can see and authorise work needed on your car, from your computer or mobile device.