Cosmetic Repair & Body Shop

Bring your Audi back to life.

If your wheels, bumpers or bodywork need cosmetic attention, we can help.

Prices starting from only £49.95 for dent removal, internal trim damage and alloy wheel repairs.

Our Audi trained professionals work to the highest standards using only original manufacturer's parts - guaranteeing that your warranty remains intact.

This is vital in protecting the resale value of what may be your second biggest asset.

Had an accident that's not your Fault?

Despite what your insurance company may lead you to believe, you can choose exactly where to take your car for repair. At Sytner Audi, we are able to offer management of your claim. For more details click here.

Audi Cam

When we have completed the inspection we wont just tell you we'll show you.

Audi Cam is a revolutionary way of showing you what work needs to be carried out on your car.

Now you can see and authorise work needed on your car, from your computer or mobile device.