Servicing your Audi

Regular servicing is key to safeguarding your Audi's performance and a full service history could also enhance the future re-sale value of your Audi. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you – and your car – receive the very highest level of care and service. No one understands Vorsprung durch Technik like we do.

The Audi Service Plan
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When should I service my Audi?

There are two types of service schedule available:

Fixed (serviced every 9,000 miles/1 year)

Flexible (up to 19,000 miles/2 years)

We recommend a Flexible schedule for people who drive longer distances,

typically on motorways and main roads, while a Fixed schedule is right for

lower-mileage drivers who do more city and town centre driving. Speak to

your Audi Centre to find out more.

Brake fluid

Over time, the brake fluid in your car becomes less effective as it absorbs

moisture from the surroundings. This results in increased stopping distances

and reduced braking efficiency, which is why we recommend regularly

checking your brake fluid with us and replacing it as necessary.

Transmission oil

Your transmission oil plays a vital role as both a lubricant and coolant. As it’s

subjected to more and more gear changes, it gradually becomes thinner and

needs to be replaced. Your Service Schedule recommends this at 38,000

miles and it’s a service that Audi Trained Technicians are happy to provide.

Applicable to S tronic and multitronic transmissions only.

Engine oil

We work with SHELL to co-engineer engine oil that will maximise the performance and fuel economy of your Audi.

Digital Service Schedule

Your car’s entire service history is now stored electronically in a secure Audi

database. This gives us a simple way to access information and guard

against details being lost, as well as to protect buyers from forgery.

Of course, when you have your Audi serviced, we’ll also provide you with a

convenient printout of any work done or recommended.