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keeping you charged

With electricity currently around two-thirds cheaper* than petrol or diesel, it could cost less than you think to keep your electric vehicle charged. With 95% of car journeys in the UK being less than 25 miles** most of your journeys can be covered by charging at home using a home wall box. When carrying out longer journeys, there are now thousands of public charging stations scattered across the UK with new ones being added every day.

here's how

Charging your car battery has never been simpler. Once you have selected which charging unit you will be using, a home wall box or a public charging point, you will need to connect to your cars charging point. On plug-in hybrid cars, you will only have an AC port and on fully electric Audi cars, you will have both AC/DC ports. If the charging unit is a home wall box or AC charger that is untethered, you can use the charging cable (Type 2, Mode 3) that comes as standard. If you’re using a DC charging station, the cable will be attached to the unit, ready for you to use.

Once connected all that is left is to let the car charge. When the charging LED light flashes green it is working. If you lock the car, the charge will continue and the cable will remain locked to the car until you return. Charging is complete when the LED light stops flashing and remains green. Using your myAudi app on your smartphone, you can track the charging level.

Charge at home

A wall box is the best way to charge your electric Audi at home. A 7kW home wall box charges your car overnight, so it’s ready for the morning journey. The recommended wall box supplier, Pod Point, can help you choose a charging unit and even guide you through the process of applying for a grant. Audi recommend that you use a wall box to charge your electric Audi over a 3-pin socket. However, occasionally you may want to charge your car using a 3-pin socket, therefore your electric Audi also comes with a Compact Charging System^, to help you connect

Charging at home can help you take advantage of cheaper night time electricity rates and can save you from making trips to public charging stations.


*According to UK Power, the average electricity cost is currently (January 2020) 14.37p/kWh


^ The compact charging system is currently unavailable with some of the TFSI e models, however these models will still come with an alternative charging system to allow charging via a 3-pin plug. The AC charging cable (mode 3 type 2) is not affected and will also be supplied. The industrial charging cable is not included for these vehicles. For more information, please speak to your local Audi centre.['jquery'], function ($) { var jQuery = $; });