The A8

The Audi A8 gives you the freedom to concentrate on the essentials. The freedom to not be overtaken by trivialities, but to spend precious time with your loved ones. Don't think of a car. The Audi A8 is more. Elegant design elements combine exterior exclusivity with sporty agility, and are characteristic of the Audi A8's individuality – reminiscent of the original quattro.​

Feel at home

Enjoy lavish spaciousness and exquisite ambience. Choice materials, palpable exclusivity. And top-class workmanship that sets new standards. Experience next-generation operating comfort. Digital networking throughout. Innovative technology that entertains and delights.​ The range of equipment and materials is extensive, with every detail radiating superlative bespoke quality – from the perforation in the seat upholstery to the electrically opened and closed shutters on the air vents.

Elegance in a new light

Thanks to the multi-coloured contours / ambience light package, the interior is staged with precise fibre optics. The interior design is highlighted and further enhanced in its quality. The rear passengers can control an array of functions such as the new HD Matrix reading lights and seat massage, plus make private phone calls, via a separate operating unit.

Stylistically defining

The front end with the wide, upright Singleframe grille and the fluid, muscular body symbolise sporty elegance, sophistication and progressive status. The A8 delivers on the promise made by the Audi prologue design study. The luxury saloon possesses a powerful presence – whether in the 5.17 metre (17.0 ft) standard version or the A8 L, which has a 13 centimetre (5.1 in) longer wheelbase.['jquery'], function ($) { var jQuery = $; });