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Connect your world together

Audi Smartphone Interface connects your Audi to your smartphone using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This gives you access to special in-car versions of your apps. Stream your favourite music, make calls, access your navigation and much more all while you’re behind the wheel. Activate Siri by pressing the voice command button on your steering wheel. So now the technology in your smartphone is part of your electric Audi, too.

Next generation mirror technology

The e-tron’s optional virtual door mirrors replace traditional glass wing mirrors with cameras, to reduce drag and wind noise as you drive. Zoom in and out with the cameras depending on the view you need, for 360 degree visibility and enhanced safety. Currently only available on e-tron models.​

A car that does the planning for you

Use the myAudi app to check your car’s current battery level and see how far you can go with that charge. If you need to top up on the go, the app will plan charging stops into your route before you set off and it will use traffic and charge time data to calculate an accurate arrival time. The myAudi app will also notify you once you reach your charging target, so you don’t need to check it, and you can set the climate control so the car is cool or warm by the time you get in. 

Smarter batteries

Audi has extensive expertise in high voltage battery technology. Audi batteries use lithium - ion technology, which are widely known to be the most advanced and reliable battery for daily use in electric cars. Sophisticated thermal management systems deliver performance and reproducibility to the highest level. A solid aluminium plate protects the battery against damage and to ensure the highest possible level of safety, they have been crash-tested and all come with 8 years warranty or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.['jquery'], function ($) { var jQuery = $; });