quattro: The Audi all-wheel drive system

Grip, whatever the weather. Now available across the Audi range


quattro is Audi's intuitive, all-wheel-drive technology, delivering power to where it's needed across all four wheels.

With quattro, optimal drive delivery to each wheel is managed automatically and continuously, for superior handing and phenomenal grip - even in less than perfect driving conditions.

It works almost instinctively. Just as our hands adjust the grip depending on the object being held, quattro adapts to changing surfaces beneath the wheels to keep you firmly in control.

It means surefooted cornering and increased grip in rain, on ice, mud or loose surfaces – in fact, for all conditions the road may throw your way.

quattro with sports differential

Sports differential further enhances quattro's abilities to make driving even smoother, more agile and more satisfying.

By transferring torque variably to each of the rear wheels, more grip is created, for an even more agile and dynamic driving experience. It all happens in less than 100 milliseconds, sensing any instability and responding before you're even aware of it.

When cornering, power is redirected to the outside rear wheel, literally pushing the car through the bend, so there's less need to make steering corrections. It also avoids wheel-slip when braking – reducing brake wear and fuel consumption.

Sports differential is available on selected engines from the Audi A4 upwards.

quattro in the rain

Slippery roads can cause loss of traction resulting in poor grip. quattro constantly analyses the grip from each of your Audi's four wheels, delivering power to each of them.

Everyday quattro

Even on perfect roads, quattro works to combine precise control with the dynamic responsiveness that makes driving an Audi so rewarding.

There are three different types of quattro,
designed to fit perfectly within each model in the range.

Hydraulic multi-plate clutch

Hydraulic multi-plate clutch quattro is specifically designed for models with an engine that's fitted across the chassis, rather than lengthways. In ideal conditions, it only needs to send power to the front two wheels. When you need extra power, it can send up to 50% to the rear wheels, exactly where it's needed.

Models: A3/ Q3/ TT

Self-locking centre differential

Self-locking centre differential quattro is designed for models with a lengthways-fitted engine. In normal conditions, power is slightly more concentrated to the rear, creating sportier handling. By sensing the amount of torque in each wheel, the power is delivered asymmetrically to achieve the perfect mix between all four wheels.

Models: A4/ A5/ A6/ A7/ A8/ Q5/ Q7

Viscous coupling

Light and compact, the viscous coupling system is ideal for sportier models like the R8 – sending power mainly to the rear wheels in normal driving conditions. When needed, additional power is delivered to the front two wheels to handle difficult conditions and challenging bends.

Models: R8