Audi debuts 3 new models at the 67th International Motorshow in Frankfurt

The 67th International motorshow kicked off on Monday 11th September with Audi introducing the all new RS 4 Avant, R8 RWS and Audi Aicon concept car.

Introducing the all-new RS 4 Avant

“The Audi RS 4 Avant is our RS icon with an incomparable history,” commented Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. “In common with all our RS models, it blends immense power output with superlative everyday utility. In China, the Audi RS 4 will provide fresh impetus for growth as the only high-performance Avant in its segment.”

From 0 to 62.1 mph in 4.1 seconds, RS sport suspension and Audi drive select as standard The V6 biturbo develops 450 hp in the new Audi RS 4 Avant. Its peak torque of 600 Nm – 170 Nm more than the previous model – is available across a broad engine speed range from 1,900 to 5,000 rpm. It is key to how the Audi RS 4 is able to sprint from 0 to 62.1 mph in just 4.1 seconds. The top speed is 55.3 mph. With the optional RS dynamic package, the top speed increases to a massive 174.0 mph

The power of the 2.9 TFSI biturbo is supplied to the permanent all-wheel drive via a sportily configured eight-speed tiptronic with optimized gear changing. Audi also offers an optional rear sport differential. Average fuel consumption is 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers (26.7 US mpg) (199 grams of CO2 per kilometer [320.3 g/mi]). That is an efficiency gain of 17 percent over the previous model. The new Audi RS 4 Avant weighs 1,790 kilograms (3,946.3 lb) 80 kilograms (176.4 lb) less than previously. 

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Audi AI – intelligence and interaction

Audi AI – intelligence and interaction Audi ElAIne and Audi AIcon – two concept cars whose very names refer to the new, two-letter abbreviation under which Audi is bundling an entire cluster of innovative mobility technologies. Audi AI is the new cipher for a variety of innovative systems that relieve strain on drivers and simultaneously also offer them new possibilities to use the time spent in the car. To this end, Audi AI also uses strategies and technologies from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Audi AI systems are capable of learning and thinking, while also being proactive and personal. Thanks to Audi AI, models bearing the four rings will be both intelligent and empathetic. They will be able to continually interact with their surroundings and passengers, and thus adapt themselves in a better way than ever before to the requirements of those on board.

Freedom on the road Audi AI draws on the many years of experience that the brand has accumulated in concept cars featuring piloted driving. The new label bundles together innovative and intelligent electronic systems and technologies from Audi. Audi AI creates new forms of freedom for drivers and passengers by reducing the complexity of their interaction with the vehicle and with other road users. Various elements of artificial intelligence also play a leading role in this – both in the development of new, intelligent and empathetic systems, as well as during their subsequent use. Audi is evaluating various approaches and methods for machine learning in this regard. 

Automated driving – from assistance functions to autonomy What is long established in rail transportation and even aviation is only now at the threshold of feasibility for automotive transportation – automated driving. Audi is the technology leader here, and the new generation of its A8 flagship is the world’s first production model developed for conditional automated driving at level 3. What does this classification mean? A five-level scale has been established in international automotive engineering as the definition for automated driving. This scale was developed by the American standardization organization SAE.

Puristic driving dynamics:
the new Audi R8 V10 RWS

The Audi Sport GmbH is extending its R8 model series to include a new derivative with rear-wheel drive. The Audi R8 V10 RWS comes in a limited series of 999 units with both Coupé and Spyder variants. It will be rear-driven (Rear Wheel Series) and be built exclusively by hand at the Böllinger Höfe R8 factory.​ “The R8 V10 RWS is made for purists,” said Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Audi Sport GmbH. “A limited-edition special model for customers with an appreciation for essential driving enjoyment, the R8 V10 RWS is an absolutely exclusive offer. With its mid-mounted V10 engine and rear-wheel drive, it successfully brings the driving concept of our R8 LMS racing car to the streets.”

The puristic character of the new R8 variant is underscored by the matt black grille of the Singleframe and the matt black air apertures at the front and rear of the car. The upper sideblade (of the Coupé) is finished in gloss black, the lower blade in the body color. Similar to the R8 LMS GT 4, the Coupé is available with an optional red film running over the front bonnet, roof and rear end. Inside, the driver and passenger sit in sport seats covered in leather and Alcantara. Bucket seats are available as an option. The dashboard bears an emblem “1 of 999,” indicating the limited number of units.

The mid-mounted V10 engine of the Audi R8 V10 RWS produces 540 hp. It delivers its peak torque of 540 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The 5.2 FSI engine accelerates the Coupé from 0 - 62.1 mph in 3.7 seconds (Spyder: 3.8 seconds) and beyond to a top speed of 198.8 mph (Spyder: 197.6 mph).

The chassis setup and control systems allow controlled drifts if the driver chooses “dynamic” mode in the standard Audi drive select dynamic handling system and sets the Stabilization Control ESC to “Sport”. The ESC intervenes reliably at the limit. The electromechanical power steering is completely free of torque steer and enables precise handling. The Audi R8 V10 RWS rolls standard on black-finished, 19-inch, cast aluminum wheels in a five-spoke V-design.