Audi present the fully automated Audi AI:ME at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show

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Audi have displayed the exciting AI:ME at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, with it representing a personal "third living space' alongside our homes and our workspaces. The Audi AI:ME is part of the family of concept cars that was launched in 2017. Each of the four vision vehicles with electric drive is tailored specially to its defined area of use: The Audi AI:CON for long-distance driving, the AI:RACE for the race track, and the AI:TRAIL for all-terrain driving. In the AI:ME the user is connected through Audi Intelligence.

The Audi AI:ME recognises the needs of its users and works to make sure passengers can fully relax and take a break from every day life. Passengers are able to use eye tracking to communicate with the car and even have the car order their favourite food. A pair of VR goggles lets you enjoy a virtual flight across a picturesque mountain landscape. The technology featured alters virtual content to the movements of the vehicle in real time meaning you return to reality when you arrive at your destination.

A mind of its own 

The AI:ME knows its user and their habits and uses artificial intelligence to increase their safety, wellbeing and comfort. The MMI system saves preferred destinations, connects with the time and date and uses the data to assess current traffic situations and provide the best routes. It will carry out a precise analysis as to what the passenger prefers, ranging from temperature, seating position, route guidance and media. After a short while, these will automatically be applied, ensuring everything is as desired. 

The car boasts a 3D mixed reality head-up display and has a navigation arrow that points exactly into the road where the destination is. The same way as a 3D television, two views are generated of each image, one pixel for the left eye and one for the right eye. The pictures of the 3D mixed reality head-up display to the driver appear to be floating at a distance of 8 to 10 meters, with the apparent distance increased to over 70 metres. 

The screen is 15cm high, 122cm wide and is partly embedded into the instrument panel. It provides a transparent OLED display and a black layer for if you want a particularly deep shade of black. Sections of the display that are not in use can remain transparent, giving impression of a glass pane. 

Innovative design and character

The wedge-shaped exterior and striking horizontal angles in the side windows are similar to that of the Audi AI:CON, the concept car from 2017. The typical Singleframe grille and the strongly protruding wheel arches give the car its distinctive appearance, emphasised by the 23-inch wheels. Not only does the AI:ME communicate with its passengers but also other road users. The concept car sends out output warnings and information symbols using LED units and micro matrix projectors.

The AI:ME boasts an extremely compact appearance, with a length of 4.30 meters and a width of 1.90 meters. The wheelbase of 2.77 meters and the height of 1.52 meters allow for an ambiance that is spacious as it is comfortable.