e-tron Charging Service (eCS) now available in the UK

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Thanks to e-tron Charging Services (eCS), if you own an Audi e-tron or plug-in TFSI e you will now have access to over thousands of charging points scattered across Europe with just one card (or myAudi app). Audi is the first manufacturer to offer this service in the UK. There are two tariffs on offer, City and Transit, both with a minimum contract period of 12 months. The Transit tariff includes Ionity charging stations and if you own and e-tron you can benefit from a years free subscription to this tariff.

From 9th March 2020, all e-tron and TFSI e vehicles will come with an envelope in the glovebox containing a eCS card when they enter UK ports. This will ensure that you can start using this straight from delivery.

The benefits

  • You have access to more than 131,000 charging stations across 24 European countries. In the UK there are 18 charge point operators that are part of the scheme, with many more planned to join.
  • Easy payment - One card or using myAudi app
  • Free roaming - You can travel abroad freely and easily without having to repeatedly sign up and compare prices as there are Country-specific prices.
  • Fixed tariffs - You will not need to compare prices between different companies. The only exception to this is Pod Point where the price is displayed on the charging unit.
  • Easy-to-find charging stations - Using your cars satnav or myAudi app you can locate the closest eCS stations.
  • An easy and transparent contract - You will have access to your individual charging contract via the eCS portal through your myAudi app.