Electric vehicle myths debunked

Audi is tackling some of the misconceptions people commonly have around e-tron and electric vehicles through a series of fun short films.

Gadget Show presenters Georgie Barret and Otis Deley bust the myths in a three-episode series ‘Audi Charge Ahead’, with them testing the features and tackling the myths people associate with going electric .

Episode one

The presenters show how much fun the e-tron is to drive by testing its features on the race track​

Episode two

The e-tron goes off road through challenging farmland, and the team tackle the myth that electric vehicles cannot get too wet by going up against a power hose.​

Episode three

‘Electric vehicles cannot do long journeys’ – the myth busters drive the e-tron through three countries, using the network of charging stations available throughout Europe to keep the car fully charged.