Understand the practical and financial implications of owning an electric vehicle and see how compatible you are with our new EV&me app

What is EV&me?

Developed in conjunction with VWFS, the EV&me app allows you to track your journeys to compare them to if you were driving an electric vehicle. You will be able to see how much power you would have used and how many charges you would have needed. You can compare your current running costs with the Audi e-tron 50 to see the financial differences between the two vehicles. This will help you reduce range anxiety and will help demonstrate the suitability of an electric vehicle for your needs. The EV&me app also provides information concerning government grants and enables you to book a test drive or an appointment to chat to one of our electric vehicle experts.

You can view a breakdown of your tracked journeys including distance, time, estimated e-tron battery percentage used and charging stops required to better understand your driving habits. By answering a few questions, the app will calculate how much you could save. If you then enable auto tracking, after six journeys the app will automatically calculate your savings from your actual journeys. You can watch our easy guide films and learn about Audi electric technology and receive information about grants and incentives available if you switch to an electric plug-in hybrid or fully-electric vehicle. You can also use the app to find charging stations and learn all about the Audi e-tron charging service.

Download EV&me today for free from Apple and Android stores and decide whether switching is right for you.