Q8 takes on the UK’s press

Writers from the UK’s leading motoring magazines and websites have heaped praise on the latest addition to our SUV stable, the Q8.

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Auto Express – Four stars

“‘High’ was the operative word for the Q8’s South American launch event; the thin air at 10,000ft doing its best to strangle the 50 TDI’s performance potential. But even in these tricky conditions the Q8 proved capable of strong acceleration and sustained high speeds. In fact, the Q8 is one of the quietest Audis yet, and given the high standards of the A6, A7 and A8 – that’s an impressive feat.

“The eight-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox shifts smoothly and responds snappily to the wheel-mounted paddles too. “

The magazine also praised the car’s space and comfort saying the trimmed roofline was no hindrance to rear-seat passengers and that front-seat enjoyed excellent comfort with plenty of adjustment to the seats. Material quality is up to Audi’s usual high standards, as well​

Car magazine ­– Four stars

“As a first-time entry into the large coupé-SUV market, Audi has done a typically sound job. The Q8 is surprisingly sharp to drive for a 2.1-tonne SUV, comfort levels are excellent and the cabin puts older rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, BMW X6 – and, if we’re honest, the Range Rover Sport – to shame.”

Piston Heads

“On the inside… the Q8 looks and feels particularly plush and expensive. Over and above the perceived quality standard of a Q7 (not shabby), the Q8 adds a load more satin chrome and 'piano' black trim, and manages to deploy the latter in a way that isn't too vulnerable to fingerprints and dirty smudges.

“Passenger space is good: there's no third row of seats, of course, but there's plenty of room for taller adults in the second one…”


“There’s a market out there for this car, and the Q8 is bound to appeal to the sort of people who would ordinarily be in the market for an A8 but want to drive themselves. The Q8 is wide and sleek and memorable, which is just as it should be for this SUV range-topper.

“If you’re looking for a grand tourer, then by all means get in there early – if you want something with a bit more pep, then it might be worth hanging back to see what the RS badge brings with it.”

Autocar – Four stars

“…it’s still every bit as plush, pleasant, comfy and luxurious as any top-level SUV you could hope to own."

“The car changes direction keenly… it has the abundant lateral grip and mid-corner stability you expect of a fast Audi"