Why choose a plug-in hybrid or fully electric car?

From taking advantage of grants and incentives, to joining the movement for our planet’s sustainable future, there are lots of reasons to go electric today.

Explore e-tron

The future awaits. Discover our fully electric Audi cars today.
Range up to 250 miles.

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Explore TFSI e

Our plug-in hybrid cars have a combustion engine and electric motor, giving you the best of both worlds.
Range up to 26 miles.

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Audi are merging the new world of electric mobility with more than a century of experience in premium vehicle manufacturing.

Electric charging. Not as you know it.

Charge your battery at home, at work or on the go and reap the rewards of driving a plug-in hybrid or fully electric.

Charging electric an electric vehicle

Curious about charging? from how to charge, to how to protect the longevity of your battery, we've got all the information you need to know about plugging in.

Easier than you might think

The average car spends about 80%¹ of the time parked at home.
During this time your electric vehicle could be charging.​

Charging that has you covered

95% of car journeys in the UK are less than 25 miles² so most of your
journeys could be covered by charging at home with a home wall box.

A growing network

For longer journeys, there are now thousands of public charging
stations across the UK with new ones being added every day.

Cheaper charging

With electricity currently around two-thirds cheaper³ than petrol or diesel,
it could cost less than you think to top up your electric Audi.


Choose a charging unit

Either a home wall box or public charging unit. You will then need to locate your car’s charging port. On plug-in hybrid cars, you will only have an AC port, whilst on fully electric Audi cars, you will have both AC/DC ports.​​


Connect the cable

If the charging unit is a home wall box or AC charger that is untethered, you can use the charging cable (Type 2, Mode 3) that comes as standard in your Audi. If you’re using a DC charging station, the cable will be attached to the unit, ready for you to use.​


Let the car charge

When the charging LED light begins to flash green, you know your Audi is charging. If you lock the car, the charge will continue and the cable will remain locked to the car until you return. Charging is complete when the charging LED light stops flashing and remains green.​​


Track the charge level

The myAudi app connects your Audi to your smartphone. You can use the app to see your charge level and how long it will take. For charging times, please refer to model specific charging times.​

Benefits in a nutshell

Government grants¹ of up to £3,000 to buy an electric car.

£350 home grantfor plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

Reduced car tax (VED rates and Benefit In Kind).

Less frequent servicing than a combustion car.

Travel for 6p per mile, compared to 19p on a combustion vehicle².

No tailpipe emissions = much kinder to 
the environment.

Audi e-tron: the next stage of electric mobility