Introducing the new A6 Avant

The new Audi A6 Avant boasts a vibrant dynamic design, powerful engines with mild hybrid systems, a spacious interior and superb adaptability. With large surfaces and sharp lines the refined, sleek silhouette mirrors Audi’s sophisticated brand.

The elegant, minimalist design, stylish colours, soft leather and rich woods form a lavish and strong finish whilst offering intelligent technology and smarter driving.

The A6 Avant comes equip with a wide-range of safety features including assistance systems, lighting technology and passive safety. With you in mind, the A6 provides a wide range of driver assistance systems, dividing these into “City” and "Tour".

  • Tour Pack: includes Adaptive Cruise Assist, Stop & Go and Efficiency Assistant
  • City Assist Pack: includes Audi Side Assist, Pre-sense Rear and Cross Traffic Assist

As well as the standard emergency braking assist Audi pre sense front, these systems also include narrowed road assist. The emergency feature assist recognises when you fail to act and provides a visual, audio and haptic warning and can automatically make emergency calls when needed. It offers a flexible luggage compartment with a 1,680 litre maximum whilst still maintaining a striking and smooth design.

The four suspension options work together to deliver driving comfort and handling agility with the choice of dynamic all-wheel steering for definitive dexterity and a sportier feel. Bursting with a wealth of new technology this A6 Avant includes HD Matrix Headlights, upgraded tail lights with a special light signature option, embedded MMI touch with 8.8" upper and 8.6" lower display.