TT Roadster beats BMW Z4 in WhatCar? comparison test

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The new Audi TT Roadster produced a five-star performance to see off the BMW Z4 in WhatCar? magazine’s comparison test.

The automotive magazine highlights the agility of the new TT Roadster and how it “feels much sprightlier and more composed along a winding road. Consequently, it’s a rag-top that’s fun to rag around in, so you smile more. The fact that, with the roof down, it’s also more relaxing to be in than the Z4 means there is no excuse not to grab the keys and have some fun.”

One of TT’s strengths, according to WhatCar?, is its excellent body control and handling balance which the Z4 can’t even get close. “Included in the Z4’s M Sport Plus Package is adaptive suspension but this is a mixed blessing. The softer Comfort mode allows too much body bounce on undulating roads and more lean than the TT through corners, but switch to the stiffer Sport setting and it becomes too unforgiving for all but the smoothest surfaces.

“The TT – on standard suspension – is far better controlled over any bump, on any road, and feels altogether lighter and more agile. Its tyres always grip the road better under hard acceleration, too.”

The TT’s interior also proved a winner with its top-notch quality and better roof-down comfort.