VWG supports Mental Health Awareness week 2019 ​​

To support Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2019, the VWG Division fully embraced this year’s awareness theme of ‘Body Image’ (as set by the Mental Health Foundation) in order to help raise awareness of mental health in all dealerships. We chose to do this in aid of B.E.N, the automotive industry support service, which also covers mental health issues.

We are now pleased to announce that £1,200.00 was raised by the Division with various activities, such as wearing green, (the colour of the mental health awareness ribbon) to raise awareness in exchange for a donation to B.E.N, guessing the number of green balloons trapped inside a car, guessing the parents of a colleague from pictures provided, holding green cake/bake sales and much more.

We are sure you will agree, B.E.N. is more than a worthwhile cause which specifically supports the motor industry and provides our colleagues/their families with support and guidance in dealing with mental health.