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Kit your Audi out with some finishing touches this Summer with our extensive range of products. See below some of our Genuine Audi Accessories perfect for the Summer months.

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Cool and Hot box

An essential companion

£211.00 including VAT

The thermoelectric cool box is an essential companion during long journeys: cools drinks or warms baby food. The box has a capacity of at least 20 litres and assures the correct temperature at all times. It is suitable for the problem-free transportation of standing 2 litre bottles and the power is supplied through a 12 Volt socket in the vehicle. An additional isolation cover, which increases the usable space for contents by approx. 5 litres, can replace the cooler cover and still provide the necessary security.

Espresso Mobile

A coffee experience on the go

£210.00 including VAT

The mobile coffee machine is connected to the 12V socket. Fresh coffee can be provided during breaks using the Espresso mobile.The Espresso mobile may not be used while driving and must also be securely stowed. The vehicle must be stationary and safely parked when using the Espresso mobile.Pressure: 19 bar. Espresso quantity: 50 ml. Preparation time: approx. 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Rear Seat Cool Bag

Keeping your items cool

£111.00 including VAT

This cool bag has a capacity of approximately 27 litres and has various inner pockets to help separate smaller and larger items. The insulating inner bag is waterproof and made from food-safe material and can be removed from the main bag to clean. In addition, the bag has a carrying strap so you can use it away from your vehicle.

Rear Seat Storage Container

Storage made easy

£52.00 including VAT

The practical rear-seat box provides plenty of storage space for small and medium-sized items that make short or long car journeys more enjoyable.

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