Audi Cold Weather Tyres

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As winter approaches, you can be prepared with a set of Audi Cold Weather Tyres.

The benefits of fitting an Audi Cold Weather Tyre
Unlike normal tyres, they have a tread compound that doesn’t harden when it falls below 7°C.

This reduces your stopping distance and gives you more grip on the road, keeping you and your Audi performing.

To keep yourself safer this winter, switching to Audi Cold Weather Tyres is recommended.

We can help you select your tyres, and help you understand why this switch is important.

Cold Weather Tyres vs Standard tyres*

Audi Cold Weather Tyres have more natural rubber than standard tyres, so they remain pliable at low temperatures. Their unique tread patterns are designed to displace water and slush from under the tyre, reducing aquaplaning.

They also have small grooves, called sipes, in the tread block that increase the number of surfaces that can ‘bite’ into the road, giving better grip. With Cold Weather Tyres, braking distances are shorter on wet, snow covered and icy roads.

To find a wheel and winter tyre combination for your Audi please contact your local Audi Centre

Why choose genuine Audi Tyres?

Audi tyres are the finishing touch for any Audi. As they're developed in conjunction with the car, they perfectly complement the characteristics of the suspension, brakes and chassis.

So you can be confident they provide the optimal mix of ride comfort, handling, fuel efficiency and performance no matter what the winter throws at us.

The close collaboration between tyre manufacturers and Audi engineers ensures a car with Audi Genuine Tyres performs exactly as we intended.