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COVID-19 Customer Information & Support

During these uncertain times, should you have any concerns or queries about your monthly repayments, we strongly advise that you contact your lender as soon as possible - rest assured, they are happy to help. The type of assistance they can offer will vary depending on your own individual set of circumstances, but starting with them early is key.

Below are the details of each of our main funding partners websites, the majority of which have been updated to include specific FAQs relating to COVID-19 related concerns.

We are aware that all of our funding partners are experiencing an unprecedented demand on their customer services at present and whilst we unfortunately cannot advise you on your own individual set of circumstances, we are aware that the majority of companies that we work with are putting in place various options to support and assist you through these worrying times.

Fraud Awareness: Regrettably, it appears that our industry is being targeted during this difficult time by a minority of fraudsters and scammers who are sophisticated, opportunistic and will try many things to impersonate innocent and vulnerable customers. Therefore, we would urge you to remain vigilant when dealing with any individuals who contact you directly during this time unprompted and we would strongly advise you to follow the advice and guidance of the FCA in order to protect yourself. Find out more here.

At Sytner Group we employ finance specialists in every dealership, who can advise on a variety of funding solutions for all our private individual and business user customers. By taking the time to discuss your individual needs, our specialist dealership teams will be able to build a bespoke finance package to suit you.

What are the benefits of financing a car through a dealership?

As well as giving you added security, choosing to finance your next car through a dealership brings with it many advantages.

We have a variety of products to choose from, some of which could offer lower monthly payments or shorter terms (when compared to a personal loan). You'll benefit from a speedy process that ensures all paperwork is completed quickly by the dealership, without the need to send any documents away or wait for money to be transferred to your bank account.

To discover all of the benefits, watch our handy dealership finance video.

Private Individual Finance Options

Personal Contract Purchase

This is the most popular way to pay for a car and is ideal for customers who wish to change their car at intervals between 24 and 48 months, taking away the worry of depreciation.

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Hire Purchase

The most straightforward method of purchase. Ideal for a customer who desires outright ownership of their car and probably changes their cars at intervals of greater than 48 months.

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Personal Contract Hire

This allows you to run a car without the worry of ownership or depreciation and giving you the option of having a maintenance package, so you have no unexpected bills.

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Business User Finance Options

Contract Purchase

This option is ideal for the business user who wishes to change their car between 24 and 48 months and want the security of a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value.

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Hire Purchase

The most straightforward method of purchase. Ideal for a customer who desires outright ownership of their car and probably changes their car at intervals of greater than 48 months.

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Contract Hire

The finance company reclaims the VAT on the car you drive and this saving is passed on to you with reduced rentals. There are also other tax efficiencies available.

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For peace of mind, Sytner Group offers a number of Insurance and Protection products for your vehicle;

Your Equity

In the unfortunate even that your car is written-off or stolen and declared a total loss, your insurance company may not pay out your original purchase price. Sytner Guaranteed Asset Protection will put you in a position to purchase another vehicle of the same value.

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Your Car

Paint and fabric protectors create a long-lasting, invisible barrier that protects your car both inside and out.

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