Another extraordinary year for Bentley

2015 was an incredible year for Bentley: with more triumphs on the track, redefining the luxury SUV and launching an innovative global brand campaign.

Bentayga – see the world through new eyes

Bentayga, Bentley’s first luxury SUV, launched in September. It displays unprecedented power, speed and efficiency, while setting new standards for luxury in its sector. Bentayga offers a true Bentley driving experience with innovative technology at its heart. You will be able to see Bentayga for the first time in Birmingham very soon.

The marque’s four other models didn’t go unnoticed either, picking up 18 international awards in 2015.


The launch the Bentayga in September synchronised with the marque’s first brand campaign: Be Extraordinary. The campaign celebrates Bentley’s remarkable cars, along with the extraordinary people who design, build and drive them.

Our customers are the most discerning, driven and successful people in the world. In addition, they demand excellence and perfection. They seek out extraordinary brands and experiences.

Jean Reno, is one of those people. The award-winning actor, long-time Bentley customer and ambassador featured in the launch film, where he talks about what extraordinary really means as an ideal to live by. He captures the simplicity and complexity of the idea perfectly, challenging the viewer to Be Extraordinary too.

Bentley took the debate to the world by posing the question: What does it mean to Be Extraordinary? A series of launch events took place around the world, along with global light installation events in Crewe, London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Dubai, Shanghai and New York.

#BeExtraordinary made people stop and think, provoking curiosity and discussion wherever it appeared.

New showroom livery

2016 sees us take the Be Extraordinary spirit into our UK showrooms. We are refurbishing, with designs inspired by Bentley’s history and the cream of contemporary luxury retailing. They are hand-crafted and feature the same luxurious materials and attention to detail as the cars themselves.

Our showroom refurbishment will be finished by the end of February but we are open for business as usual during the work.

Where will Bentley take you in 2016?

2015 was an exceptional year for Bentley. 2016 looks like it will surpass it.

It starts with seven thrilling drives around the world. The first of these epic journeys – the Alpine Extraordinary Drive – sets off on 1 February.

Bentley has also announced an exciting new partnership with The Jockey Club. Founded in 1750 by the champions of British horse racing, it’s the perfect match, with performance at its heart.

There are many other events to look forward to over the coming year. If you would like to find out more and get involved in the world of Bentley, please come and see us. We look forward to welcoming you to Bentley Birmingham.