Bentley Birmingham Go Off Roading

Bentley Birmingham took a group of guests to attend the first Bentayga diesel off road event, which was held at CW1 House and Oulton Park Circuit.

The Off-Road track showed off the car taking on mud and water through the forest tracks of Cheshire. Confirming Bentayga to be as at home off-road, as it on tarmac.  

Following from this, guests raced round the Oulton Park rally circuit. A purpose built low grip track which is designed to test the grip and stability of the vehicle.  Before driving back to CW1 House. Where they get the chance to experience the Bentley Factory, the journey the car takes in becoming one of the worlds, most capable, yet most luxurious SUV. Every aspect will be explored from seeing the engineering of the engine, to experiencing the craftsmanship of the steering wheels and hides being hand stitched.    

The test drive ends up confirming the Bentayga as an effortless, beautifully built, comfortable, versatile and fabulously refined machine.

Bentley Birmingham is located just off the M6 Junction 9 next to the Fort Dunlop building.

For any enquiries or to find out when the next event is taking place, please contact a member of the team on 0121 306 4000