Bentayga Summer Tour 

Wherever Bentayga takes you, it will help you see it through new eyes.

When we created Bentayga, we decided to look at the SUV through new eyes. So we threw away the rulebook and created a more powerful, faster, and more economical vehicle – the first true luxury SUV. But don’t take our word for it.

We invited guests to a two day Bentayga event, at Claverdon Off Road Course for a truly Bentayga experience

With its perfect blend of discovery, excitement, it was truly an Extraordinary Event

Guests had the opportunity to drive the Bentayga where they explored in 100 acres of off-road tracks at Claverdon.

Then cruise around the beautiful roads in Calverdon. They experienced the fastest SUV in the world.

They had 45 minutes on the beautiful road of Calverdon and then 45 Minutes off roading in the Bentayga.

Throughout their drive they were coached by a professional driver to ensure they got the most of their experience. Although it was a rainy weekend, guests really enjoyed and got dirty with the Bentayga.