Bentayga Receives Great Review in Motoring Research 

Richard Aucock of Motoring Research Magazine has given our Bentayga a 5* review!

​Richard Aucock of Motoring Research Magazine recently reviewed his experience of the Bentley Bentayga and to our delight, he loved it!

Here is a sneak peak of his article:

"Inside, the Bentayga is breathtaking. Truly extraordinary. If it’s not the best new car interior in the world right now, it’s pretty damn close.

You notice the silence first. It’s among the quietest, most refined cars in the world – Rolls-Royce quiet, the sort of quiet that makes you think you’ve gone deaf. Refinement so impeccable, Bentley’s even had to specially engineer the electric windows so they go up and down without jarring. 70mph sounds like 30: that’s how peaceful it is. What wind noise, etc."

Click Here to read the full review.

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