Power On Ice

Bentley on Ice.

First to drive the New Continental Supersports on Ice

As the ice thickens on the lakes of northern Finland, a very special circuit begins to take shape. On the edge of the Arctic Circle, a vast, frozen surface is turned into a driving course unlike any other. It is the home of Bentley Power on Ice, an Extraordinary World event that is truly in a class of its own.

In the middle of winter, this remote and beautiful part of the world became the ultimate playground for an all-wheel drive vehicle. And this unique Bentley driving experience was the perfect way to prosper from the extraordinary. Bentley Birmingham guests enjoyed a host of events with friends and family, drivers and non-drivers alike, as well as making new acquaintances with the same thirst for challenge and adventure.

It was the home of Bentley ‘Power on Ice’, an event that, we believe, goes beyond anything you will have experienced.

A group of Bentley Birmingham’s guests were lucky enough to be part of this years “Power on Ice”. They were amongst the first few to drive the New Continental Supersports, offering guests the first opportunity to drive this spectacular vehicle on ice. The thrill of the ice driving experience as they learn how to handle these remarkable cars in the most extreme of conditions, with one-to-one tuition from Bentley experts. They were discovering how to get the best from each car as they drifted around the bespoke ice circuits created by Juha Kankkunen – renowned for setting the world speed record on ice in a Bentley Continental GT.

Continental GT, Flying Spur, GT3-R and Bentayga, the world’s most luxurious SUV – a car that was designed to be at home amongst the snow and ice of the stunning Kuusamo region of Finland.

Power on Ice is about much more than ice driving. Finland is a stunning location that offers a wealth of unforgettable Arctic activities. Journey through a white snow-covered forest to see genuine reindeer herders at work, enjoy an evening drink in the private Ice Bar or simply relax by a log fire in a lakeside lodge. If the adrenaline is still pumping, there’s snowmobiling, ice karting, and a night-time husky sled adventure, as well as a traditional Finnish smoke sauna.

Each guest will received two full days of driving and tuition with a dedicated instructor from the Bentley Driving Team. Even on sheet ice – there’s plenty of speed to be gained. Especially when it’s your turn to get behind the wheel of a Bentley. In short, ice driving provides the thrills of an extreme sport, from the comfort of a hand-stitched, heated leather seat.

Should you wish to experience Power on Ice 2018, please contact Bentley Birmingham on 0121 306 4000.