Special Guests Arrive in Bentley Leicester Mulsanne

The Bentley Leicester Mulsanne Fleet was booked out last week for some very special guests!

With a week filled with excitement, a group of very special guests arrived in Leicester for the burial of King Richard iii at Leicester Cathedral. The event was widely televised and we were fortunate enough to grab a few images of the guests arriving in our cars.

Richard was buried back in 1485. The ceremony took place almost certainly on 25 August, on the orders of the now King Henry VII, who we might imagine was anxious to leave Leicester and consolidate his new royal status. Richard's body had been exhibited to public gaze for three days, to prove beyond doubt his death, and now it needed to be laid speedily to rest, and probably in a manner and place that would attract as little attention as possible. Hence the choir of Greyfriars Abbey, a place where we believe only friars would normally go. But we can be sure that however hasty the burial, funeral prayers would have been said, and prayer would, of course continue to be offered daily in the very place he was laid.

In Christian tradition bodies are always buried with the presumption of finality – even if, on occasion, they may need to be moved and reburied. If that has to take place, proper practice presumes reburial in the nearest consecrated ground. Greyfriars and St Martins church were immediate neighbours in 1485, and St Martins, now a Cathedral, is now the nearest place for reburial.

The day marked a very special moment for the City of Leicester, as well as of course an exciting moment for Bentley Leicester.

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