Bentley Fixed Price Servicing

For your Continental Series* from the fourth year onward

Servicing is integral to maintaining the performance, safety and reliability of your Bentley, so an annual inspection is vital. In addition to the range of maintenance and repair options we offer, we are now pleased to announce the introduction of Fixed Price Servicing for your Continental Series car, making it even easier to look after.

This new programme offers the full recommended Bentley service for your Continental Series* from the fourth year onward at a competitive, fixed price****

Each Service Includes:

Oil and filter change, replacement of dust and pollen filters, wiper blades, key fob batteries and a full diagnostic test and report. In addition, checks of the brake pads and discs, brake fluid level, suspension, steering, fuel system, cooling system and hoses is also undertaken. Further tests and checks are carried out on all exterior and interior lighting, internal warning lamps and the car's on board diagnostic system, including a report on the tyre pressure monitor battery status. Check the table below to see full details of the major and interim service schedules.

The service book for your Bentley will also be endorsed with our official Bentley Dealer stamp, maintaining the integrity of the service history. As each service is tailored to the specific model, mileage and year of manufacture, the actual content will vary, so please contact our service departments for full details.

Only your local Authorised Bentley Dealer can truly look after your vehicle, and whilst there may be other outlets that claim to provide a service, only the Bentley network fully understands the intricate components and system of your vehicle. As your local dealer, we have direct access to factory support, the latest diagnostic equipment and factory trained technicians, who better to guarantee the ongoing maintenance of your vehicle?

Additional Maintenance:

We understand that the replacement of brake pads and discs can also increase the costs associated with maintaining your Bentley so we have now introduced a fixed price brake plan.*

Brake Fluid Change: £220

Replace Front Brake Pads: £580

Replace Rear Brake Pads : £340

Replace Front Brake Discs and Pads: £1345

Replace Rear Brake Discs and Pads: £710

Transmission Fluid Change (6 Speed) : £645

Transmission Fluid Change (8 Speed) : £920

Replace Engine Spark Plugs (W12): £480

Replace Engine Spark Plugs (V8) : £695

Replace Drive Belt: £360

Coolant Change: £375

Replace EVAP Carbon Canister: £745

Replace Fuel Filter: £125

To take advantage of these offers or for further information please contact our service department for full details.

* Available in the UK for GT, GTC, Flying Spur aged 48 months and older

** In accordance with the manufacturer stated service schedule

*** Prices include all labour, parts, oil, consumables and VAT at the current rate of 20%

**** Not in conjunction with any other offer.

Excludes the replacement of Carbon Ceramic Discs

For competitive service prices on all other models please contact your preferred Sytner Bentley Dealer.

NB: Not in conjunction with any other offer

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Major and Interim Service Schedules

Major service (Years 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14)

Interim Service (Years 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15)

Oil change, filters and spark plugsMajor ServiceInterim Service
Oil and filter change using Mobil 1 oil
Air filter replacement (4, 8 and 12 years)
Pollen filter replacement
Check the condition of the pollen filters
Check the condition of the spark plugs
ElectricalMajor ServiceInterim Service
Check the condition of the batteries
Renew the integrated key fob batteries
Check the tyre pressure sensor batteries
Check the vehicle diagnostic system for stored information
Reset the service indicator light
Check the condition and operation of all lights and horns
Under the bonnetMajor ServiceInterim Service
Check the coolant level and frost protection
Replenish windscreen washer reservoir
Check the power steering system reservoir fluid level and top-up as necessary
Check the condition of the brake fluid
Check the induction system for leaks, correct as necessary
Check the condition of the engine drive belt
Under the vehicleMajor ServiceInterim Service
Check the power steering system for leaks and condition
Check the condition, position and mounting of the exhaust system
Check the braking system for leaks and damage
Check the condition of the engine gearbox, suspension mounts for leaks and damage
Check the fuel system for leaks, damage and position
Check the condition of all steering joints, couplings and gaiters
Check the condition of the tack rod anf front axle ball joints
Check the condition of the drive-shaft gaiters
Check the cooling system for leaks
Check the condition of the flexible brake hoses and report if required
Check the condition and thickness of brake discs and pads
Check the air suspension for leaks and damage
Vehicle exteriorMajor ServiceInterim Service
Replace the wiper blades and check washer jet aim on the windscreen
Check the tyre pressures and adjust as necessary
Check the condition and tread depth of the tyres
Remove foreign matter from all cooling matrices
Check the bodywork for damage